Wave Pour Over Coffee Stand by Handground
Wave Pour Over Coffee Stand by Handground
Wave Pour Over Coffee Stand by Handground
Wave Pour Over Coffee Stand by Handground
Wave Pour Over Coffee Stand by Handground
Wave Pour Over Coffee Stand by Handground
Wave Pour Over Coffee Stand by Handground
Wave Pour Over Coffee Stand by Handground

Wave Pour Over Coffee Stand by Handground

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The Wave is the first pour over coffee stand released by Handground. This design was chosen by Team Handground to be the first to go through the product development process and be released as a final product.

From the initial concept, we have made dozens of revisions to improve the shape, compatibility, balance and height of the stand. We sent the prototype stands to be beta tested in coffee shops in Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles and in the homes of several members of Team Handground.

After incorporating the suggestions from several rounds of beta testing the Wave stand is now ready for your home. 

Video Overview

Interactive 3D Model

Wave Pour Over Coffee Stand by Handground by handground on Sketchfab


Click the play button to view the Wave pour over stand in 3D. Use the left mouse button to rotate, the right button to pan and the scroll wheel to zoom. You can also use this 3D viewer on mobile or in a VR headset. 



We have not printed the final version of the stand in every color of filament so the colors in the images at the top of the screen are from various versions of the stand throughout the product development process. We thought it may be confusing to show pictures of old versions of the stand that have different shapes and profiles. 

You can scroll down to the bottom of this page for additional pictures of the stands. 


Glass Dripper Cone & Filter

Glass Pour Over Dripper Cone

The Wave is compatible with the Hario V60 glass dripper cone or the Handground glass dripper cone. The stand is designed so that the glass dripper *clicks* when pushed into the stand. This holds the dripper cone stable and locks it into the stand. The Hario V60 is slightly smaller than the Handground dripper cone so you may experience a looser fit. 

If you already own a V60 glass dripper, choose the "No Dripper" option. Otherwise you can add the Handground glass dripper (pictured above) for $10.

Filter for pour over coffee

The dripper cones work best with a #2 paper filter that has a pointed tip. We found that using a metal filter or flat bottom filter will cause the coffee to drip sideways and may cause spills. 


Logo Cutout

Pour Over Stand with logoYou have the option to have your stand printed with the Handground icon cutout (pictured above) or a solid stand with no cut out (pictured below). The layer lines on the sides of the cut out are at a different orientation than the layer lines on the rest of the stand so they can appear rough.

Pour Over Stand No Logo

Cup Compatibility

Pour Over Coffee CupStandard coffee mugs will easily fit into the stand. The cup pictured above is 4 inches (100mm) tall and there is room for cups up to 4.75 inches (120mm). 


Material and Production

Pour Over Coffee Maker

Example of Rectilinear Infill

The stands are made from a biodegradable plastic called PLA (Polylactic acid) that is derived from renewable resources like corn and other plants. PLA is generally recognized as food safe but we do not recommend direct contact with hot coffee. 

(Clip from video at the top of this page)

Made In Dallas, TX USA

We use 3D printers to build each stand layer by layer and that process is what gives the stand its unique grain pattern. The interior of the stands are printed with a rectilinear infill which adds strength while maintaining flexibility. 



It takes approximately 6 hours for each stand to be made and stands are shipped in the order that they are received. So shipping time depends on how many orders are in the queue before your stand ships. We are printing stands 24 hours a day and will ship each stand as soon as possible. 

We ship worldwide from Dallas, TX and shipping prices are calculated at checkout. 



The stands can be cleaned with soap and water and are to be hand washed only.

They are not dishwasher safe.  


100% Happiness Guarantee

Our goal is to build quality products that add value to your coffee brewing experience. If you are unhappy with the pour over stand for any reason you may choose from the two options below.

1. Return it within 30 days for a full refund.

2. Share your frustrations about the stand and help us understand the design flaws that caused those problems. We will modify the design based on your feedback, print you a new one and ship it to you for free.


Additional Images

Pour Over Coffee Stand

Color: Translucent Grey

Grey Pour Over Coffee Stand

Color: Translucent Grey

Black Pour Over Coffee Stand

 Color: Black

 Color: Silver

 Color: Translucent Green


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